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At Prachi Aluminum and Doors, we take pride in providing high-quality aluminum products and exceptional service to our customers. With times of experience in the assiduity, we've established ourselves as a trusted manufacturer and supplier of aluminum doors and affiliated products.

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 Our mission is to deliver optimum comfort conditions to the customers while minimizing the capital cost, operating cost and environmental footprint. We strive to provide seamless solution in the field of HVAC.

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To become a best solution provider for contamination free environment by introducing the latest products and services at affordable prices

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Our goal is to develop and maintain a bond and trust with our Channel Partners and focus on continuous evolution for the long-term sustainability of the company by focusing on the strengths to deliver the promises we make


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Aluminium Doors

Laminated flush doors are made by pressing together flat papers and resins that go over the surface of the door that is enforced by kiln seasoned, composite solid fillers, tightly fit within. These fillers or blocks of rectangular wood do not have interstitial space within itself to store water.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminium windows are produced from aluminium profiles covered with a protection layer and vitrified with two or three glass packages.


Ceilings that used to be simply a structural element have been thrust into the spotlight with the rise of aluminum ceiling systems..

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